Breakeven – En Vogue (CD)

What I was imagining when I got this CD was a death-metal act that would pretty much sing about killing me and having sex with my dissected body. My fears were almost confirmed when I heard the opening spastic horns, which sounded like the machine-gun drumming so common among these bands. This 5 piece act from Australia could not be any farther from a death metal band; in fact, I am having a hard time trying to categorize them as anything other than Breakeven. If anyone is familiar with the US band Schlong or Bomf!, the sound that Breakeven puts out is similar, but not exactly in the same vein. Breakeven takes a lot from ska and scat singing, jazz (for all the blistering horn lines), and even pop-punk to place everything together. As a result, the sound of this recording actually is closer to 80s band such as Madness, the English Beat, and possibly even the early nineties work of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Whatever way I categorize them, the simple fact is that this act rocks out. I am not able to get a full grasp on this band as this EP is only three songs, but the collective energy inherent in this recording is just bubbling over, especially on the rapid stylistic changes in “The Collective Ignorance of the Masses”, which as quickly changes from the ska on most of the disc to a sort of ska-infused grindcore. Check out their site; I’m sure that they would be up for sending you a CD.

Top Ten : The Collective Ignorance of the Masses

Rating : 6.8/10

Breakeven – En Vogue / 3 Tracks / Self-Released / 2002 / / PO Box 1728, Sunshine Plaza, QLD, 4558, Australia / /

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One thought on “Breakeven – En Vogue (CD)”

  1. this band died in ’03.
    the drummer & trombone player have since moved on to form a band called Meat Snorkel.
    If you’re interested in picking up a Breakeven CD contact them through the Meat Snorkel myspace page, as the above email & web address are no longer active.

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