Broadway Calls – Call The Medic (CD)

Broadway Calls is an interesting sign by State of Mind. When I hear the name State of Mind, I imagine hard rocking, hardcore or metal acts. What Broadway Calls does on their “Call The Medic” CD is create a brand of punk music that blends together Screeching Weasel, Blink 182, and The Lillingtons into one cohesive unit. The disc may only has six tracks, but the band will stick to one’s bones and soul for much longer.

Just by listening to the pop powerhouse track “Crosstown Meltdown”, one will be a fan. This is not necessarily the “Dude Ranch” style of pop punk that requires all bands to play their songs only using three chords, but rather a type of punk that allows the band to create interesting time signatures and different approaches about how to play a track. Ouple that different instrumental style with a catchy chorus that plays through the entire track, and one has in Broadway Calls a band that is almost as intense and as fun as acts like Latterman.

The follow up track to “Crosstown Meltdown” is “The Freedom Haters”, and while this track falls much more in line with the ideal of pop-punk music, the band finds themselves playing a style of pop-punk that an early MxPx would be proud of. The different time signatures are not present during this track, but the energy exerted by the band is more than enough to make up for any lloss that going to a more conventional sound would incur. The band goes back to their strong style with “Fuck You Seattle”. The track has an understated energy to it that shows the band as much more furious than their vocals may indicate. Truly a hit, to be honest. “Save Our Ship” goes acoustic, and this method reminds me a lot of acts like against Me! Broadway Calls is a band that is very comfortable in their style, and this confidence allows the band to cut hit after hit on this EP. I know that they are recording their full length at this moment, so I have to be honest; I want to hear more from the band, and hear more from them right now. I can see the band getting a lot larger, to reside in a Defiance, Ohio type of fame, just in the next year or two. Broadway Calls is the real stuff, that is for sure.

Top Track: Fuck You Seattle

Rating: 7.6/10

Broadway Calls – Call The Medic / 2006 State of Mind / 6 Tracks / / / Reviewed 09 October 2006


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