Bury the Living – All The News That’s Fit To Print (CD)

With a very deliberate set of guitars starting off “Skateboards and Kung Fu”, Bury the Living really do not come into individual’s attention until the band kicks it into high gear during the choruses of the track. There is not this start-up time needed during “Your Brutality Has A Name”, a track in which Bury the Living compresses a few minute long song into something that ends well before the song hits a half-minute. What is nice about the songs on “All The News That’s Fit To Print” is the fact that each track ties itself well to the tracks that have preceded it.

The band obviously moves on to differing styles after the first few seconds, but to try to link all songs on the disc together like this shows a maturity and a sense that the band has some sort of vision for this album. Tracks average out at less than ninety seconds; consequently, there is little room for introspective guitar lines and rambling introductions. For individuals that just want to slip a disc in and rock, “All The News That’s Fit To Print” is perfect. There is a consideration for a professional sound that comes through during the introduction to tracks like “I Hope”. “I Hope” is the first really expansive track present on this album, really benefiting from a number of different movements. Bury the Living can tie together elements as disparate as the Circle Jerks, Strike Anywhere, Discharge and the like without having audible scars of these patchwork influences.

Even though the vocals are screamed out with an intense fury, there is not the tendency here for the vocals to agglomerate into something that is undecipherable. Another thing that Bury the Living seem to do better than the rest of their contemporaries has to be their abilities to come forth with something that is in reality faster than 99% of the music currently out but couch it in a way that seems slower and very deliberate. “Of God and Country” is the longest track on the disc at two and a half minute and it may just be the band’s biggest success. Given a little longer than the band is apt to give themselves, Bury the Living can create a track that is compelling, intense and has a high replay value. There is nothing wrong with the sub-minute tracks, but the band given a larger palette is much more apt to wow listeners.

Top Tracks: Another Generation Rages On, Of God and Country

Rating: 7.1/10

Bury the Living – All The News That’s Fit To Print / 2005 Prank / 20 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/burytheliving / http://www.prankrecords.com / Reviewed 03 March 2006


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