Caffeine Dependent – Self-Titled (CD)

I cannot give any information about this act, except that they played a local punk show about 4-5 years ago with other local Ohio acts, and that I picked this disc up in Columbus a few years back many months after they probably disbanded. While “Cooperate” has some serious problems, as it sticks to the typical pop-punk song, it has a very interesting sound to it. While they don’t thank anyone for playing a synthesizer during the track, I could swear I hear the hints of a synth trying to bring itself above the track.

By far, what I remember about this act comes in the second track, “Lie Like A Rug”, which is on a different planet both in recording and general sound from the first track, with strong vocals and a very catchy guitar line. “2 Good 4 Me”, combines the two general sounds of Caffeine Dependent to make a decent song – the strong vocals from the second track are present, but so is the distortion that hides some below-average guitar playing . Caffeine Dependent is excruciating to listen to, since there are flashes of utter brilliance on this disc that will never be truly realized – this disc was hand-printed, using the computer printers for the liner notes and such, and with the selection of songs on here, it is sad to see that they were never discovered outside of Central Ohio. Soulful, catchy, and with songs like “Ups “N” Downs”, this was a band that shone above the Central Ohio scene for a time. If you know any information about this band and wish too school me on them, please get in touch.

Top Track : Drag

Rating : 6.8/10

Caffeine Dependent – Self-Titled / 12 Songs

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