Canadian Mist (Whisky)

Canadian Mist was one of those spirits that I always saw on the shelves of different liquor stores, but I never had the chance to actually sample the Canadian Whisky for myself. We at NeuFutur headquarters got a bottle for review a few weeks back and came to the conclusion that it is an extraordinary value for its price point. What individuals will immediately notice when they open their bottles of Canadian Mist will be the much lighter taste of the whiskey over other similar types, including Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. This lighter flavor is present when imbibers take their first sip, and this is a good thing.

There is still a decent alcohol burn after individuals let the spirit run down the back of their throat, ensuring that Canadian Mist has a kick that will not be easily forgotten. The lighter Whisky taste of the Canadian Mist makes it the perfect spirit. This means that if individuals want to slip it into some sweet & sour it works, but if they just want to slam shots all night, Canadian Mist has enough of a body to provide for a memorable drinking session. The hangover quotient just seems lighter, as well; perhaps it is due to the fact that it was aged for over 3 years in casks, or perhaps the character of the spirit just does not facilitate nasty hangovers.

Putting it on the rocks works just as well, giving drinkers the energy to create the best of works (as countless leaders of the free world have for hundreds of years). At around $15-20 for a 1.75 liter bottle, Canadian Mist performs at a level of a premium whiskey without having the same investment needed. If you do not believe this review, just check out the San Francisco World Spirits Competition – it won a Double Gold medal.

Rating: 8.2/10

Canadian Mist (Whisky) / 80 Proof /

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Mist (Whisky)”

  1. i have been a faithful consumer of your product for years i think it is great do you have a free sample to send me

  2. i have waited patiantly for a responce i have not got one i feel i have no choice but to change brands to makers mark bourbon whiskey i am sorry to see that you dont value your customers more than this sorry

  3. I agree with these sentiments, I’ve been drinking very flavorful bourbons and scotches, and Canadian mist is a well made product for the price. I can’t see where its been given a bad rap by supposed people who know whisky. Its slightly a combination of both worlds, scotch and bourbon. It has bourbon characteristics and the smoothness of bourbon. I wouldn’t downplay Canadian ingenuity, it seems they know their shit. Just my opinion not being bias.

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