Enchanted April (DVD)

Enchanted April was originally a book written by Elizabeth von Arnim, and the book itself was brought to the silver screen on the seventieth anniversary of the release. The film centers around two women that wish to be free of the monotony of their daily lives. Packing up and taking a trip away from these lives, their husbands, and damp, murky England, they set out to the Italian Riviera. Adding in a second pair of individuals, they come together to rent out a palatial villa for a month.

Each of the women brings something considerably different to the table, and it is through the interactions of each that a rich narrative is created that will stick with viewers for a long time after watching Enchanted April. The film itself defies genre conventions and uses brilliant dialogue to make each actor’s effort truly shine. This 1992 film is something that I missed the first time around (I was 8), but Miramax has ensured that the film will gain an entirely new fan base with this re-release. There are not too many in the way of bonus features to dive into with this release, but what is present is solid.

The commentary that is present, given by producer Ann Scott and director Mike Newell, is integral for those individuals that did not have a chance to view the film originally, to gain a greater appreciation for the film. The footage here is brilliant, crisp, and vibrant while the audio is equally strong: this transfer from the original source will not leave anyone sad. I would love to see subsequent releases in the Award-Winning Collection, as it allows films that may have been slighted from the transfer from VHS to DVD the first time to be given a new light.

Rating: 8.6/10

Enchanted April (DVD) / 2009 Miramax / 93 Minutes / http://www.miramax.com

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