ulogy Recordings is very proud to announce the signing of Chicago’s ROSALINE. The band is currently in the studio at JTW Studios in Wisconsin recording their debut album for the label called “A CONSTANT NORTH” which is expected for release this summer.

“We are really excited to join the Eulogy Recordings family. Longevity says a lot about a business, but more so about the people running it. We feel like John and the rest of the Eulogy crew have been around so long because they have the right attitudes when it comes to releasing creative music. A couple hours on the phone over a couple of months really let us know that Eulogy was a label that supports authentic music and more importantly, creative people. We don’t feel constricted to fit in with a certain group or sound, just to be ourselves and write the best music we can, and we know that Eulogy will be there to support us every step of the way” – Madison Stolzer, Guitar

“The possibilities of doing something great with a reputable label like Eulogy are high. They have had great bands, and are a well known name in independent music. We can’t wait to release a record and be a part of the team.” – Ryan Pulice, Bass

“I’m looking forward to the accomplishments we will achieve with Eulogy. You can see they work hard, you can see the creativity of their bands, and you can see they put out some great music. I’m ready to give my part to that.” – Ryan Prindle, Drums

“When I first heard Rosaline I knew right away the band was something special. Eulogy has always been proud to offer our listeners many different styles of underground music. Rosaline brings the talent, energy and dedication that we expect from all the bands on our roster. We are very excited to release their new album this summer under the Eulogy name.” adds Eulogy owner John Wylie.

Rosaline is a six piece melodic post hardcore band from Chicago, IL that began playing shows in early 2004. After independently releasing their debut full length album “We’re all Just Passing Through” in 2005, Rosaline continued to emerge around the Midwest as one of it’s premier acts, capturing attention with aggressive, sincere and flowing music. A melodic ambient backbone combined with honest emotional intensity create the unique sound that defines Rosaline. In 2007 Rosaline signed to Standby Records and began working on their next record “A Constant North”. Soon after, the band went on a year long hiatus cutting ties with Standby, when guitarist and songwriter Madison Stolzer joined up with Rise Record’s Emarosa as their guitarist. After several months of touring the nation with Emarosa and gaining new experience and insight, Madison came back to Chicago to rebuild Rosaline, bigger and better than ever. In late 2008 Rosaline emerged back onto the scene with a renewed energy and focus, picking up where they left off working on their highly anticipated record that was thought to be long lost. Rosaline’s full length album; “A Constant North” has since been picked up by Eulogy Recordings and is slated for an early summer 09′ release.

Madison Stolzer – Guitar and Vocals
Nick Jones – Vocals
Ryan Prindle – Drums
Chris Maxson – Guitar
Nate Steinheimer – Keyboard
Ryan Pulice – Bass


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