Imagine Music Fest (Nintendo DS)

There have been a number of solid titles in the Imagine line. We here at NeuFutur have had a chance to review some of the previous titles in the series, and they have provided all individuals of all genders and ages with an immerse title that straddles the line between fun and teaching responsibility. For anyone that is familiar with the Jonas Brothers or staged acts like the Naked Brothers Band, there will be something compelling about Imagine Music Fest.
The game itself ties together all the different sides of the music industry, whether it be getting connections, changing fashions, or performing for all of the world to see. Up to three players can get into the whole band creation thing, so individuals will have that much more in the way of replay value added to Imagine Music Fest. The linkage of the more interactive (stylus-driven)elements and traditional reliance on normal buttons is balanced out well, ensuring that players that may not be too terribly familiar with the DS up to this point point will be able to quickly get a handle on Imagine: Music Fest.

The game itself is priced at a point ($30) that will make it an easy choice for parents and children alike to pick up the title, while the solid game play and countless options available for individualizing one’s band make sure that this title will not be one that gains dust.

While I understand that most of the Imagine titles have been for the Nintendo DS up to this point, I would love to see a title be spun off onto the current generation of titles. Imagine: Music Fest is definitely in the running for best simulation title of the year; here’s to hoping that Ubisoft continues along that line for the next releases in this series.

Rating: 9.0/10

Imagine Music Fest (Nintendo DS) / 2009 Ubisoft /

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