If you ask any of the four of us about this past year, the first word out of our mouth is going to be: TOUR This past year has been non-stop touring.  It’s been an amazing ride.  We’ve had an awesome time with all the bands we’ve been out with and new fans we’ve met.  We’re just getting off a plane in Germany, and stoked for ‘give it a name,’ and this next UK run.

In talking to our fans, we’ve been getting alot of ‘Dude, you need a video that feels like your live show.’  With that in mind, we set out to make something that shows all sides of touring.  While most the time it’s an amazing experience, it also has a way of severely thrashing personal lives, and very quickly changed our perspective on…well… everything.  You start to appreciate things like clean socks waaaaay more then you ever thought you would.  It’s a great way to get your core priorities in order, while you’re getting more twisted then you’ve ever been before.

Penta managed to weave slices of our personal turmoil with footage from roaming all over the globe this past year.  From our first tour around SXSW last year, through our recent run through canada.  He claims there’s a ‘director’s cut’ coming with his typical mini movie intro, but you’ll have to wait on that one for now.

We still have some other tracks we want to work as singles, and a pile of other video concepts.  Unfortunately asking a record label for a few sweet video budget g’s is like asking a friend to borrow fifty bucks as you’re watching them get mugged at gunpoint.  There are some things you just don’t do.

So… friends; take to the interwebs.  Let the M2’s, Fuse, Scuzz TV’s, Kerrang TV’s, and your local radio shows of choice know that you want to hear Heart of Fire.  But, more importantly, embed this video on your blog, myspace, or facebook.  Get it seen.  Spread the word.  Let’s be real: Blender just shuttered, MTV plays (maybe) 30 videos a week.  We’re standing by watching as old media and music gatekeepers choke.  If you dream of being a music journalist or Radio Programmer, start a blog.  Talk about the bands you love.  If you want to be a VJ or video director, start a jacked vimeo or youtube.  The old way of doing things is dead, the sooner we wake up and move on, the happier we all will be in the very near future.

You are the new gatekeepers, and new artists need your help.  It’s an exciting time.  New music is brewing.  Perhaps just in time to test at warped tour.  We’ll see all of you soon.

Oh, and if you happen to live in a country where youtube and music videos aren’t getting along right now head over to vimeo.


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