Jennifer Logue –Pretty EP (CD)

“Incognito” is a track that will ensure that listeners are singing it months after they first hear it. Logue brings to the track a timeless nature that ensures that fans of Wilson Phillips and Taylor Swift alike will love the song. The soft vocals of Logue during the titular track balance with the deftly-crafted instrumentation to make a track that would work well on alt-rock, collegiate, or even top 40 radio. “Pretty” continues to expand the range of different styles and approaches available to Logue, as hints of country even sneak with the track. It is during “Pretty” that the intensity of Logue’s vocals really come out; where both “Incognito” and Logue’s previous EP, “The Woman in Me” tended to show a softer side, this step ensures that Logue will be a rising star in pop and rock music for years to come.

The two, quiet and simple as they are taken separate, create a dense type of track that will have fans coming back for more, to properly understand what all Logue has placed into the track. “I Don’t Feel A Thing” builds off of some trends previously broached during “Pretty”, while allowing listeners to see Logue in an entirely new light. This chameleon-like approach continues through “Sigh”, a contemplative track that provides a little more heady content to a pop genre that desperately needs it. The track is driven by Logue’s vocals, further ensuring that the song will stick with fans long after they put down the album. With a number of genres, such as the aforementioned pop, country, and even Latino, Logue’s “Pretty” EP will please all equally.

Keep an ear to the ground for Logue’s subsequent recordings: news has it that she is going to come out with a Spanish-language album sometime in 2009. With the ability to crossover shown so well with only 7 tracks, I can only imagine that the follow-up to this album will be on everyone’s top ten for the year. If you like strong female vocalists that have a softer, more emotive side, Jennifer Logue’s “Pretty” EP is something that simply cannot be missed.

Top Tracks: Incognito, How Much I Love You

Rating: 8.6/10

Jennifer Logue –Pretty EP / 2009 Self / 7 Tracks /


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  1. Incognito is A GREAT VIDEO!!!! It should definitely be on MTV!!!! Your work is AMAZING Jennifer!!!! Celeste

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