Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea (Vodka)

Firefly was a solid enough alcoholic tea-based spirit, but we received an email touting the quality of a new product, the Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea. While the alcohol content between the two is considerably different, thee taste of each is similar. Where there is a distinct alcoholic note in the Jeremiah Weed, one could conceivably sip this spirit as if it was straight tea.

The sweet side of the tea is the perfect remedy for the harsh alcohol bite that presents itself in a number of these more specialty type of spirits, ensuring that even those most turned off by that taste can take down a highball of the Jeremiah Weed without too much in the way of problem. If the 70 proof fire of the original spirit is a little too much for some individuals, my best bet would be to actually get some iced or sweet tea and mix it in. The is, if putting a little spritz of water is not something that they would want to do. It is true that this bottle of tea spirit is going at a little slower pace than the Firefly release, but I feel that is only due to the fact that the Jeremiah Weed is considerably more potent than the Firefly.

In regards to the quality of the Jeremiah Weed, I would have to say that both the alcoholic and non alcoholic components edge the Firefly out; for those hot nights in the summer that are slowly coming upon us, Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea is the spirit that I will be drinking. Here’s to hoping that the Jeremiah Weed company comes forth in a strong way and releases a tea/lemonade combination or something similar to a raspberry tea in the months to come.

Rating: 8.7/10

Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea (Vodka) / 70 Proof /

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4 thoughts on “Jeremiah Weed Southern Style Sweet Tea (Vodka)”

  1. I am confused- Firefly and Jeremiah have the same alcholic content- 35%…and in my mind its better not to have the strong alcohlic taste but more of the tea…not to mention Firefly already has a Raspberry Tea…nice imitation Diageo but you missed the mark up in Connecticut.

  2. Jeremiah Weed had the Sweet Tea Vodka in Peach now which is absolutely divine. I have tried the others and this is definitely my favorite brand.

  3. I couldn’t agree with Libby more! Love this stuff. And they have come out with more combos: Country Peach Sweet Tea, Sweet Tea Vodka and Bourbon Whiskey, and Half & Half (lemonade and sweet tea vodka). I tried Peach this summer and it was awesome.

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