Mike Jones – The Voice (CD)

Before “The Voice” came out, I could have sworn that Mike Jones was destined to be a one-hit wonder. However, the work that ey has put forth on “The Voice” is enough to cement eir in the annals of rap music. On this release, Jones is all business – there is only one skit (the introduction to “Scandalous Hoes”) – and nary a weak track to be heard here. The aforementioned “Scandalous Hoes” may not be the next single (“Swagg Thru The Roof” looks to be the most viable contender here), but this Jones and T-Pain track just begs to be a crossover hit.

Other tracks fare just as well, no matter whether the name power on the track is strong. Some relative newcomers on the rap and R&B scene tear it up during “The Voice”, especially during “On Top Of the Covers”, where Essay Potna rivals the quality of Jones eirself. A similar thing occurs during “Hate on Me”, where Tanya Herron takes Jones’ vocals to the next level. This release is good not only because it provides the first physical (legal) way to get a copy of “Cuddy Buddy” and 2007’s hit “Drop & Gimme 50”.

Beyond providing the ability for fans to get their hands on these songs, there are a number of other cuts that will ensure that “The Voice” will remain in CD players long after the person first listens to the disc. While I am a bigger fan of the physical copies of releases, there is a reason to purchase “The Voice” off of iTunes. This is due to the fact that Jones eirself made two exclusive tracks for the release – “I Got It” (which features both members of UGK before Pimp C passed on) and “Shit On Boyz”, which features Lil Flip and two up and coming rappers – Killa Kyleon and King Mello. Mike Jones is going to be a force in a rap music for a long time after “The Voice” comes out. If you only knew eir for previous tracks, make sure to give “The Voice” a few spins. You’ll be a convert.

Top Tracks: Give Me A Call, Next To You

Rating: 7.6/10

Mike Jones – The Voice (CD) / 2009 Asylum / 16 Tracks / http://www.whomikejones.com / http://www.asylumrecords.com

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