NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Red Goodbye

Jeremy Wall is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a founding member of the veteran band Spyro Gyra, and a matchmaker, of sorts: in 2006, Wall arranged a meeting between Andrew Horn and Alex Ruimy on the campus of SUNY Oneonta.

Horn, a songwriter-vocalist from Utica, and Ruimy, a songwriter-guitarist from Scarsdale, soon realized the compatibility of their talents. Their initial collaborations confirmed this, as the duo’s performances became instant and resounding successes in the eyes of their collegiate peers.

The Horn/Ruimy project initially recorded seven songs, including current fan favorites such as “Shakespeare Lied” and “My Everything.” Buoyed by their early achievements (and their new-found fans’ demand for more), the prolific duo wrote dozens of songs together.

Red Goodbye combines soulful, intelligent lyrics with stylistic musicianship and powerful vocals to produce lush, energetic rock. Straightforward and enjoyable, the band’s rich sound is a unique–and welcome!–alternative to much of today’s derivative, cookie-cutter music.

The band draws on early-90’s influences such as Alter Bridge, Dream Theater, John Mayer, and 3 Doors Down to create songs that are engaging and powerful as well as unmistakably their own. Red Goodbye crafts layered harmonies (“Hourglass”); textured musicianship (the piano intro to “I Will Carry On”); and moving guitar/vocal crescendos (“My Everything”).

Red Goodbye has drawn notice and praise from a wide group of listeners who recognize and appreciate quality rock music. Their fan-base is diverse…and growing.

Admittedly, it’s a rarity when music this exciting is created in a relatively short time. But Red Goodbye has the talent and chemistry of a band that’s been together for years. Moreover, they have the sound of a band that’s on the verge of a major breakthrough.

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