Introduces Giuseppe Ibba

Giuseppe Ibba, born in Alghero the 9th November 1974 has always been a passionate about music and arts in every form. He begun his musical adventure by learning violin and performing in local churches and eventually becoming a composer and songwriter.

After many experiences with bands he then established himself in Milan with a rock project named “Bagdad Cafè” performing in many different big clubs of the city such as the “Rolling Stones”, the “Transilvania”, etc.

He eventually started by composing pop songs along with musician Massimiliano Severo (already performer for many breakthru italian artists including Gianluca Grignani) and with him they do many studio experience.
Amongst many records and many lives, Ibba has been performing in Sanremo Off (2007 and 2008), partecipating in many national releases (HitMania), showcasing in national television (Rai 1) and many of his tracks has been used for shorts and films, while his works has been broadcasted in more than 200 radio stations across Italy.

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