Introduces The Linear Brothers

Bands like Green Day, Coldplay and Franz Ferdinand are hugely popular because they give
the listener more to chew on, lyrically and arrangement-wise. One of the limitations of
these bands is their relative youth. They write songs from the perspective of those on the
south-side of 30 or so. Think about what you knew when you were 25 and compare that to
what you know now.


When you listen to The Linear Brothers’ music, you are hearing an interpretation of rock
music coming from older heads. Back in the day, music on late-night FM radio was filled
with imagery and passion–not burn-out, which is what you really hear from artists today
who aren’t old enough, one would think, to be burned out. What do the younger artists really
have to say except “I’m so alienated and nobody loves me”? Put another twenty or twenty-five
years on these younger artists and maybe they’d come up with some content like The Linear

So in spite of being old enough to be Green Day et al’s daddies, The Linear Brothers’ produce
music that is fiesty and positive in ways the young artists can’t possibly do. The Linear
Brothers have survived the life that younger artists write about with dread–and even come
out on top of it!

Another thing about The Linear Brothers is that they don’t care about being “PC.” Since they
have total control of their music, and since they aren’t necessarily dependent on validating
anyone else’s view of reality for their artistic survival, you’ll find that many of their
songs will actually express what most people actually believe but are too timid to say.

The Linear Brothers do their music strictly for the sake of the music.

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