November Son (DVD)

To be honest, this is the first GLBT-related horror film that I have seen. The one thing that I can first notice is that while the stars are up and coming Judith O’Dea (Night of the Living Dead) and Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre), the skill that they put forth on the screen is equivalent to that of even seasoned actors. The film itself surrounds a cast that were heavily affected by the actions taken by Elliot Hamilton, a deranged individual that cut through a great deal of the city in order to avenge eir love for another individual. The past that each character had, particularly involving Elliot, comes back in a major way throughout the entirety of November Son.

Will the group have enough collected mettle to go forth and combat any problems that confront them, or will their past drag them down to a fate similar to that that was Elliot’s in the first film? Ariztical has ensured that viewers have more than their fair share of bonuses here: aside from a very informative commentary with Jason Paul Collum and other elements of the crew, a set of deleted scenes give viewers further information about the actions that took place in the film and how exactly they relate to the prequel, October Moon. The extra features are rounded out with a behind the scenes look into the creative process behind November Son, adding a further bit of runtime to what was already and intense and engrossing bit of horror.

The film may be three years old at this point, but there is nothing here that seems dated or otherwise off about the film. I would personally love to see October Moon at some point in the future, as something to properly flesh out the motivations and desires of individuals in November Son. While there is more than enough back-story present here, I think that watching the prequel would further increase anyone’s enjoyment of this film. If you like horror, pick this release up.

Rating: 8.0/10

November Son (DVD) / 2009 Ariztical /

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