Smirnoff Melon (Vodka)

Smirnoff Melon has some big shoes to fill, considering that their Tuscan Lemonade is one of the best cocktails that I have ever had. This time around, they have bumped up the alcohol content and have given individuals a much different (and frankly ignored) flavor in melon. When individuals first open the twisted bottle, what comes forth in regards to the nose is something that actually smells like it is supposed to smell, instead of providing an alcohol or medicinal bite.

The honeydew melon smell of the Smirnoff Melon will invite individuals in, and maybe even create some sort of false expectations for the spirit. I had expected the Smirnoff Melon to have a much less alcoholic bite with the first sip, but Smirnoff has done well mixing in the sweet with the intense. The Smirnoff Melon is a melon flavored alcoholic spirit done right; where the Midori that we reviewed quite a few months back had a little too syrupy a taste, the Smirnoff Melon is cool and refreshing in much the same way as the Crop Cucumber Vodka. Comparing the Smirnoff with the latter spirit is much like a neck and neck horse race, but I feel that there is a little bit more in the way of versatility present with the Smirnoff Melon. The spirit especially shines when individuals place it alongside a little bit of ice and just takes sips off of the drink, but can work done as straight shots or as a mixed drink.

Try out a little bit of the Smirnoff Melon (1 oz) with 5 ounces of lemonade and a half ounce of grenadine syrup; what results is a tasty concoction that stands out as fairly unique in the world of alcoholic drinks. If you really want to expand your vodka horizon, check out what Smirnoff is doing in 2009; beside the reviewed vodka here, the Smirnoff Pomegranate is ready to make a huge splash this summer. Keep checking your shelves for both spirits and keep checking for our review of the Pomegranate.

Rating: 8.4/10

Smirnoff Melon (Vodka) / 70 Proof /

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