SOLDOUT Release New Track, “The Last Ride,” Prepare Album for Summer Release

SOLDOUT write songs about the things you regret, and the things you can’t afford to regret — and like those decisive moments embedded in your subconscious, their songs refuse to let you leave them behind.

Out of Brussels, Belgium, the young couple of Charlotte Maison and David Baboulis never set out to create an electro-pop record, but when the two decided to record some songs together, Charlotte’s love for acoustic-driven folk collided with David’s zealous hunger for the experimental and the electronic. Out of that explosive reaction, the SOLDOUT sound was created — a deep, dark dream of analog synthesizers and gyrating bodies, equally ready for the grimy floor of a cavernous New York club or the inner space between two headphones.

After winning over European radio and playing shows throughout Europe that made their name seem a bit prophetic, SOLDOUT are now preparing to release their North American debut, Cuts, this summer on Minty Fresh. Produced by Jason Boshoff (Basement Jaxx, Shy Child) Cuts finds SOLDOUT channeling the hard times they experienced on tour as a rising band into a confrontational album that glares at the bruises and scars of life under stage lights. Inspired by the sexy pulse of MGMT and The Knife, SOLDOUT found a way to wrap these personal traumas and triumphs inside enigmatic metaphors and floor-shattering dance music anthems. After performing in stadiums throughout Europe and breaking into the U.S. at CMJ, SOLDOUT stand poised to become the breakout electro act of summer 2009 with the release of Cuts.

For your first taste, download the single “The Last Ride” from SOLDOUT’s U.S. debut Cuts, by clicking here:

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