The Showdown (DVD)

The Showdown is a Western, showcasing the trials and tribulations of US Marshal Luke Canfield, played here by Bob Handegan, a powerful newcomer to film. Specifically, Luke is pitted against a gang, a group of ruffians that would like no more than to murder the love of eir life, Dixie (Ann Hagemann) and son. Whether Luke folds under the pressure and allows the gang to run roughshod over eir territory or stand up for eir principals is the ultimate question that The Showdown looks to solve, and the emotions run high throughout the entirety of the film.

Beyond the aforementioned Handegan, all parts are played superbly, ensuring for a film that is well worth its 93 minutes. North American has placed on this DVD a few additional features. Of course, the film itself is listed as a feature, but the gallery of stills from the movie provide some really beautiful shots of what is a stellar period piece. The trailers for the film, also enclosed here, give viewers a little more in the way of information about how the film is intended to be enjoyed, while the director’s commentary zeroes viewers in about different nuances and decisions that were made during the creative process. Finally, a behind the scenes feature showcases all the footwork that was necessary to make a realistic interpretation of what life in the old west was supposed to be like.

Aside from There Will Be Blood (and even that was a little bit outside of the genre), there has been a decidedly smaller number of Westerns created in the last five to ten years. However, The Showdown is of such a caliber that it will hopefully influence up and coming directors to try to their hand at a well-traveled genre. For the time being, if you are a fan of Westerns, make all efforts to purchase The Showdown. The cinematography is such that even fans of other genres will be able to find something that they can enjoy here.

Rating: 7.6/10

The Showdown (DVD) / 2009 North American Motion Pictures / 93 Minutes /

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One thought on “The Showdown (DVD)”

  1. guess we saw the same movie.

    I’m a big Western fan and this scipt was fantastic! I watch a lot of low budget films. I really thought that the acting was really bad.I mean every one of them. My wife thought we were watching a comedy. That Conover guy has to be rolling over in his grave because the story was so good and it got butchered so badly! Where in Gods name did they find these people.Anyway? we watched the whole thing and considering it was low budget it was ok to watch. Would have been pissed if I saw it in a theatre. I would love to see that movie re-done with professional actors. can you imagine what someone like Matthew McConaughey could do with that lead role? Or a younger Tom Sellick? That movie could be Academy material. I hope a major league company comes across that script.

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