AM Architect present NEW MP3/Video!

The Texas duo’s ‘The Road to the Sun’ is OUT NOW on Exponential

“Each track bleeds almost immediately into the next, making the album feel like a strong club set where, egged on by an appreciative crowd, Chavez and Stanush can’t wait to dig into the next song the moment the previous one’s done. Don’t be surprised if, listening to it, you don’t feel the same.” Textura

“The duo drizzle ambient, fuzzed out beats over ethereal guitar builds – creating calming, lush ambient affect.” RCRD LBL

A.M. Architect – The Road To The Sun from A.M. Architect on Vimeo.

AM Architect:

“Its like the soundtrack to life,” Daniel Stanush explains, “you can always find a part of it to relate to, a part you can put in your pocket.” He is describing of the fruits of a music partnership with friend and producer Diego Chavez (Aether, Otic Angst) and its a sentiment shared by many. “When we set out to write all these songs, we wanted to make them personal and accessible, but also resonate on a deeper level.”

The compositions that constitute the duo’s first full length album, The Road to the Sun, are a study in the mix of organic and electronic music, a blending of the tones and niches that define the two, while simultaneously blurring the distinctions that set them apart. Fender Rhodes and acoustic guitars reside comfortably alongside glitched-out beats and unintelligible samples, creating something both ambient and decidedly pointed; something that resonates across genres.

The group has its roots firmly planted in hip-hop but around its head swirls jazz and ambience, all the while presenting a message that is both concise as well as articulate. Says Diego, “When we are working on a track, anything goes… there are no bad ideas; but we do know when we have hit on a good one.” Apparently there are no bad instruments either. The Road to the Sun features pedal steel, cello, field samples, synthesizers, doors, and featured throughout, piano and drums. “That is really what it is all about,” concedes Daniel. “If you strip everything else away, that is the nucleus of it all, always has been.” Though upcoming AM Architect shows will not be quite so stripped down: the group has put together a live band set to play its first shows around The Road to the Suns’ May release.

Am Architect creates their music with precise, articulate use of melody and texture, but does so in a way that makes their composition’s meanings ambiguous. This frees the listener to mold the music to their own emotions, allowing it to be ‘anywhere’ music; an adjective, describing life, not defining it.

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