Apartment 307 (Zine)

The premise for this comic is that three different writers/comic-creators live in the same-numbered apartment, and this commonality is what brought them together to create this comic-zine. The issue itself goes by incredibly fast; the different stories (laid down here by Josh Blair, Pete Borrebach and Noah Van Sciver) are accompanied by radically different art styles.

For those that are fans of Van Sciver’s work, the story here (“Three Hundred and Seven”) has been in print in one of eir own issues. Josh Blair’s piece regarding eir apartment is quite graphic (in terms of text versus graphic, instead of gore/violence), which showcases eir ability in the drawn word. While I was not familiar with Blair’s work in the past, I really want to search out some of eir efforts after reading only about four pages of eir work.

The Pete Borrebach section of the zine blends nicely together traditional drawing styles with computer-drawn effects and word bubbles/boxes to make for a unique effect. While the zine itself could have been longer, I liken each of the stories here to sampler plates at a supermarket: interested parties are given just enough to get a taste of each author. Pick this comic zine up today, see if you like the drawers within, and search them out from there.

Rating: 7.2/10

Apartment 307 / $3 / 20M / :15 / http://candyormedicine.blogspot.com

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