Casket Architects – Dance On The Death Nerve (CD)

I don’t know, for some reason I thought that Casket Architects were going to play a style of music that was not related to the hard rock meets punk blend that first assaults listeners during their opening track to “Dance on the Death Nerve”, “Turbine Vaccine”. Throwing in a shrill guitar line and a blend of elements from Bad Religion to Avenged Sevenfold to the Refused, Casket Architects are a band that wow listeners quickly on this disc. The band’s theme (“Casket Architecture”) is much more nuanced than “Turbine Vaccine”, but allows Casket Architects to show a harder side to them than has been the case on the first track.

During the title track, hints of sludge metal, Husker Du, and nineties hardcore all make their appearance. When the runtimes of their tracks shrink (as is the case during ”Organ Donor”), the resulting tracks are stronger. There seems to be a lack of sense where to go when Casket Architects have longer tracks; if there is a clearly-defined role for them set up at the beginning of a track, the results are much more impressive. During “Dance On The Death Nerve”, Casket Architects move back and forth between the slower and quicker tracks. This has the effect of making the band sound very diversified in what they are able to provide for their fans.

“Deftwitch” is the best track on the disc, due to the absolutely sick riff that is snuck on the track. Of course, the rest of the track is strong, but that little addition is what the band really needs to make it big in a land full of acts like Sum 41, Offspring, and Shai Huluds. The title track for the album brings an Iggy Pop / Stooges sound to the band, showing that the band can learn new tracks in the middle of their disc. This ability is something that is sorely needed in a number of acts that are currently larger than Casket Architects, and may just be the reason why Casket Architects will make it big in the near future. The band comes from a number of different influences and provides listeners with a wide array of sounds to enjoy. Casket Architects do not let up through the entirety of the disc, and it is this tenacity that will keep them around kicking the jams for years and years to come. Pick it up.

Top Tracks: Casket Architecture, Observer

Rating: 7.3/10


Casket Architects – Dance On The Death Nerve / 2006 Glacial / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 31 August 2006

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