Centrifuse – Lizard In The Wires (CD)

The harder instrumental opening to “Lizard In The Wires’” first track “Brothel really belies the more Radiohead/Muse/Placebo sound of the vocals. What is most exciting during the track is the nuanced sound of the arrangements; far from just using power chords, the band creates a full sound by having interesting contrasts (most interesting of which being the interplay of the deep bass and the much lighter guitar). The guitar noodling that comes into play at times during the track really divides the focus that individuals have; on one hand, they can listen to the intricate instrumental side of things or they can float on the melody of the vocals.

The extended length of the track is made much less problematic by a desire to remain eclectic by the band; different sounds find their ways to prominence countless times on “Brothel”. Moving to a more cohesive, punk-infused track for “Taking Back The Asylum”, Centrifuse takes their place amongst the greatest creators of road-trip rock. Long, strung out guitar lines keep people listen in as the Interpol-like fuzz during the track threatens to consume the entire composition. This fuzz is rolled back slightly for “Song A”, which is coupled with a desire to create a strong, simplistic line to draw listeners in a way consistent with where Centrifuse wants them to go. The vocals again move towards the slightly strained vocals of Thom Yorke, even if the guitars take on the guise of a seventies-type rock act.

The production is strong for a demo; while there is the smallest bit of fuzz at the periphery of the music of “Lizard In The Wires”, I could conceivably hear this on any rock or alternative radio station. The tracks are different enough from each other to show various facets of Centrifuse; the more emotive compositions present during the title track show a band that is coherent at every stage of composition, whether it be in unity (at a time, the guitars, drums, bass and vocals all unite to make some super, Voltron-esque creation.) Finishing the disc up with “Dinal Solution”, Centrifuse unite two distinct sounds that presented themselves during “Lizard In The Wires”; the stripped-down rock of “Song A” ties together with the punk of “Taking Back The Asylum”.

The freshness of this act will ensure them a spot on the NME charts in just a few years. Pick up this disc to see where they are coming from.

Top Tracks: Final Solution Rating: 6.4/10


Centrifuse – Lizard In The Wires / 2005 Self / 5 Tracks / http://www.centrifuge1.co.uk / centrifuge_band@hotmail.com / Reviewed 22 October 2005

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