Cesar – Worlds of Change (CD)

Starting off “Worlds of Change” with “Get Up and Dance”, a Enrique Iglesias/ Marc Antony-style of track replete with rich Spanish (Argentine in Cesar’s case) guitar work. The same formula holds up during the disc’s second track, “One Day You’ll Be Mine”. What is immediately striking about “Worlds of Change” is the fact that the songs on the disc are both radio friendly and also the repository for what is in all actuality a solid set of arrangements. The first major derivation from this formula that is exploited at the earliest outset of this CD is the ballad “Solider of Glory” which suffers mainly through trite, clichéd music typical of ballads. The slower tempo of “Rumba” does not inspire listeners like the rapid pace that started off “Worlds of Change”, and “Save the World” takes a completely different tack with the disc. What was originally a Ricky Martin-esque bit of Latin pop has turned into a new jack swing-style of R&B, mixed with Christian praise music.

The disc moves into some unremarkable tracks, with the epitome of that style being “God Is Like A Mirror”. Cesar (as well as vocalists Steve Real and Mario Vasquez) may put forth an incredible message, but the style in which they couch that message is bland and slow-paced, turning off many possible listeners before really allowing them to mull over that message. Even saying that really does not seem fair concidering that this disc goes over a number of differing styles and sounds; the late-disc track “The Last Dance” draws heavily on the Christian praise (think Rich Mullins or Michael W. Smith) and succeeds in keeping listeners listening through compelling vocal arrangements and instrumentation. The extended instrumental track “Love of My Life” is surprisingly innovative and fresh considering the fact that there are no vocals to break it up and that also it tops the scale at over five minutes.

Cesar’s disc groans with the weight of some of the heavy, bland tracks that are disproportionately found in the middle of the disc. However, Cesar has a pop-friendly ear to eir that makes this disc skip lightly over the hearts of listeners when the times are good. The music may find itself perilously close to the Latin explosion of the late nineties, but throughout there seems a sincerity to the music that the aforementioned acts just did not have. A good disc for individuals into this type of music.

Top Tracks: Get Up and Dance, No Puedo Vivir Sin Tu Amor

Rating: 5.6/10

Cesar – Worlds of Change / 2005 Darque Records / 12 Tracks / http://www.cesarmusic.com / http://www.darquerecords.com / Reviewed 06 May 2005

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