Chao – hitsthemiss (CD)

This is really just one woman, Regina Chellew, and her many faces, her many styles of music. The beginning of the CD spreads the idea that Chao is really just innocuous pop, which most of the CD would tend to agree with, but at times, Chao goes and places in influences from different genres of music. Although, this does nothing to make the CD very interesting. The whole CD plays as extremely forgettable pop music, and while it may be toe-tapping in sound, it really has nothing in substance, with lyrics reading as if they were put out by the Ministry of Music. I think that there was actually a mistake on the CD and website, that the album was intended to be called “hitsthatmiss” instead of “hitsthemiss”. Really, I can see where a single could interest people, but the pop-country-indie stylings of Regina just really don’t do much in the way of exciting me. Imagine Liz Phair, Tori Amos, Dixie Chicks, and place them in front of some dream guitars with a slow tempo. This is an idea of what chao sounds like, and how it might actually be something you like. If it is, feel free to go to her website at , which makes me wonder if she is even still doing music, or write her record label at last beat records, 2819 commerce, dallas, tx 75226.


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