Choose To Find – S/T (CD)

“The Sacred Feminine” starts out with a piano that is emotional in its output, but does not seem to give individuals much of an idea what Choose to Find ultimately sounds like. Will the band come into a more indie approach, a classical approach, or something resembling the feminist-pop of individuals like Dar Williams, Tori Amos, and Ani DiFranco. The instrumentation continues without any vocal cues, but by the time the drums kick in, Choose to Find does not really need anything in the way of vocals. A narrative can be heard in each constituent part, and it can also be heard in the interaction between the different elements present. Regardless, “The Sacred Feminine” is a compelling track and leads well into the disc’s second track, “Can’t Pretend”. “The Sacred Feminine” is a smart track, as it is nearly two minutes shorter than any of the other tracks on the disc.

The shorter nature of this track gives individuals an easier introduction to the disc, and does not require them to invest as much as they would have normally if a song like “Flying Dream” (8:17) was to greet them at the door that represents the opening of the disc. While a song like “Can’t Pretend” has a number of repetitive parts to it, Choose to Find is a smart enough project to continually shift the styles and approaches it presents on the album. What results is something like a chameleon that continually changes its colors, and an album that while “divided” into tracks, feels like a much more cohesive work than many similar albums. The more Latin flair of a movement during “Can’t Pretend” will keep individuals wanting to listen in between the most tempestuous elements of the track. The disc tops out at nearly an hour; Choose to Find provides listeners with an album that has a high replay value. This is due not only to the fact that the album is so long, but that the compositions on the album are so complex that it will take individuals quite a few listens to completely understand what is going on.

The style of Choose to Find belies any more firm style than “indie”; hints of rock, alternative, jazz, and even Latin music are all present in Todd Marston’s magnum opus. Individuals might not know who Choose to Find is, but if they would like to hear a full album, this is something that they should search out.

Top Track: Honesty

Rating: 7.1/10

Choose To Find – S/T / 2006 Self / 9 Tracks / / Reviewed 30 April 2007


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