Chris Murray – Raw (CD)

To be honest, this CD is not what I expect to be hearing from Asian Man Records. This album was recorded on a walkman, and still really is full of bouncy reggae music that brings me back to an era in which I was not even born in. “Switchblade to Soul” has virtually no connection to the current, sounding as if it was dug out of the vaults at some failed record label. Simply put, Chris’ voice is one of the smoothest I?ve ever heart, and makes this album even easier to listen to. Songs, like “The Higher the Monkey Climb”, which features accompaniment by two members of Hepcat, simply force their melody into the minds and hearts of all listeners. The decision to use the portable recorder, I do believe, was one of the better decisions concerning the use of “low-fi” equipment in an era that virtually demands that sound. Another excellent thing on the album is the use of numerous styles of reggae, which will cause any listener to change their opinions about reggae. Such is the case with the song “Since I?ve Had You”, which would be much more in place on an album from the 50’s as opposed to this album. An interesting album, to say the least.


Chris Murray – Raw

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