Christine Martucci Band – I’m All In (CD)

Christine Martucci sounds a lot like other pop-rock singers of an earlier era, with comparisons that can be made to individuals like Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge. The hard edge of songs like “Too Late” are good, as they give Martucci a different sound than the aforementioned artists. “Too Late” is a track that can make it onto pop stations without anything in the way of changes.

The slower tempo of “My Way” may not be as ready-tailed for pop acceptance as “Too Late”, but the track is valuable in the sense that it allows individuals to hear that the Christine Martucci Band has a number of possible approaches which they can take. A number of these independent artists may have a marketable sound, but they fail to continue providing listeners with reasons to continue on with the disc. Luckily, Martucci and the rest of the band takes different paths on “I’m All In” and ensures that listeners will stick with the band for the entirety of the disc’s 9 tracks. There are hints of both country and indie rock (think Rusted Root and Counting Crow for “My Way”) on this disc, and the easy assumption of styles are what is needed in both this specific case and in pop music in general. “There You are” blends the two styles into creating a slower song that picks up at all of the right times. Again, it is a track that will not likely make it onto popular radio, but provides more substance and body to this album.

The Christine Martucci Band comes through strong with the production of the disc, but one has to wonder whether a different producer would be able to give this album a sound that individuals could do nothing but listen to the disc. Sure, there is a lot of laid back material on this album, but one has to wonder whether the music could be laid back and still insanely catchy, as in the case of acts like O.A.R..This disc is a gem all its own, but one should try to get any further releases by Martucci and eir band. I have little doubt in my mind that anything further will only be the next step in an evolution of the artist and eir band. Without anything that could easily be construed as a flaw, it should only be a matter of time before Martucci reaches a higher level of fame.

Top Tracks: Here For You, Song

Rating: 6.8/10

Christine Martucci Band – I’m All In / 2006 Self / 9 Tracks / / Reviewed 29 January 2007


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