Circuit – Eau De Humanity (CD)

Aside from the cringe-worthy title of the album, Circuit plays a pretty middle of the rock type of rock that will not really raise an eyebrow. Sure, the style of “The Lee Side” is a mixture of Lenny Kravitz and Vertical Horizon, but there is little inherent in Circuit’s music that will scream experimentation. There really seems to be a sound present in Circuit that is a look back to the late nineties, back when acts like Live and the Counting Crows ruled radio; Circuit eschews the popular style of acts like 10 Years and Evans Blue for something that is a little more tried and tested.

The guitar work during “Broken Window” is something that will keep individuals listening; the riff itself seems to be born out of the eighties hair-metal but tightened up to the point that it is so clean that listeners can eat off of it. There are a number of tracks that have a decent sound but there is a define failure at times to connect to listeners; this fault is manifest in tracks like “Reasoning”. What really saves that track from the dustbin in the fury that Circuit pushes onto the track, until a point where the drums, guitars and vocals are all at their limits. Honestly, “Reasoning” starts off in the way described – awkward and not really connecting to listeners but Circuit has enough talent under their collective belts to focus their energy for the second part of the track and really end the disc in a strong fashion. Out of all the tracks on “Eau De Humanity”, the one that can be called an unqualified success is “Just Like Heaven”; in this track, Circuit really seems to take a page from pop-punk and emo acts.

For 2006, one has to think that the arena rock genre is dead; being a proper Canadian (read: Rush-loving) band, Circuit struggles through the entirety of “Eau De Humanity” to show listeners that the genre is not dead, but thriving. What seems to be the oddest thing on “Eau De Humanity” is the 180 taken by Circuit in their “Better Part of Me”. “Better Part of Me” is not a ballad in a traditional sense, but seems to be drawn from a Will Young type of style. Circuit may have a number of fans in tow, but there is still a need for the band to create tracks that connect better with possible fans.

Top Tracks: The Lee Side, Reasoning

Rating: 4.9/10

Circuit – Eau De Humanity / 2005 Wea / 11 Tracks / / / Reviewed 18 February 2006


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