Following in the footsteps of their conceptual album “Dear Diary” from FM Static, the band has teamed up with Youth Specialties to bring a free devotional guide to youth pastors. The “Dear Diary” Bible study guide is designed as a Vacation Bible School or outreach for teens.

“This is something special that has never been done on one of our records before,” shares Trevor McNevan of FM Static. “It’s a fresh modern day twist on the traditional Bible study as we know it. This goes hand in hand with the story and the songs on the record. It’s a more in-depth look at life’s questions and makes the points made in the story more relatable and conversation based.”

The study takes 10 days for the youth group to complete, using one song per day from the album. Each teen will listen to one song per day followed by a corresponding verse given by their youth leader via Facebook, Twitter, phone or email. The youth leader will then provide a series of questions to ponder per verse.

“‘Dear Diary’ captures so well the teen angst and the ‘unavoidable battle of feeling on the outside’ that youth workers see on a daily basis as they minister to kids,” states Bethany Marvin of Youth Specialties. “The music itself says that where there may not be answers, there is still a purpose. Communicating that message is at the heart of every youth worker’s ministry. We hope the downloaded Bible study will be used as a tool to take the listener that much closer to the powerful message woven throughout this record.”

Youth leaders just need to go to and download the PDF guide. Students and leaders can also listen to the album streaming as well as watch the animated music video for “Boy Moves to A New Town with Optimistic Outlook.”

Radio airwaves continue to tell the story from FM Static with the debut singles from “Dear Diary.” The first CHR single “Take Me As I Am” has steadily moved up to #11 this week, and at Rock “The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling on the Outside” moved into the Top 10.

About FM Static & “Dear Diary”:
Fans of Thousand Foot Krutch have been enjoying the sounds of FM Static, the summery punk-pop side-project, since their 2003 debut. FM Static is composed of TFK singer-songwriter Trevor McNevan and drummer Steve Augustine, who both enjoy the fun, creative advantage of two monikers.

“Dear Diary” debuted for the first time for an FM Static album on the Billboard 200 with more than 3,200 scans on April 7th. The album hit the shelves and digital players with a bang blasting onto the Top 5 iTunes Rock chart and Top 30 of the iTunes overall album chart. Included with these top lists, the band was also labeled as “Rockers on the Rise” on the Rock page of iTunes.

Filled with character confessions of “Dear Diary,” a project whose special story can only be unlocked as it happens, from song one to song ten. The story begins with a couple of self-explanatorily-titled rock tunes. Coupled with the concept album is the corresponding blog, ( Fans can follow the blog and follow FM Static’s twitter account ( for updates, announcements.

For more information on FM Static, visit their MySpace.

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