Groove Kings – Blood Red (CD)

Groove Kings start off their latest release “Blood Red” in a way that will ensure that fans will remember the band long after the disc’s final track, “What’s Real”, finishes up. This introductory (and titular track) shows a band that is confident in the instrumental side of their music. When the vocals do enter into the equation, they add not only another dimension to the band’s music but further the intricacies and approaches taken by the instruments. The set of influences that ultimately enter into the band’s unique equation is eclectic to say the least; a quick perusal of “Blood Red” turns up hints of Heart, Alannah Miles, and even a hint of Stevie Nicks and The Eagles.

“Real Love” is an incredibly energetic track that will have listeners singing along only after one listen; the track’s appeal spans the course of decades, ensuring that fans of eighties, nineties, or current music will find something that they can highly appreciate. “Temporary Man” ties together funk, soul and R&B to the band’s rock foundation; what results is something airy, sultry, and represents yet another single worthy track for the Groove Kings.

“Chore” is the track that will test the band’s allure; at five and a half minute, the band does not show the slightest strains or stress. In fact, the touches of blues that are present here benefit greatly from the additional time that the band gives for the germination of this sound. “I’m the Rain” is a track that shows that Groove Kings will not settle into one specific style; there is a very early sixties feel to this track that would seem odd if anyone else attempted it, but works on “Blood Red” because Groove Kings are just that good.

As the disc begins to wind down with tracks like “Bury Me” and “So Real to Me”, listeners will be further converted into fans, ensuring that there will be ample attendance at any live performances and countless copies of “Blood Red” (and future releases) flying off the shelves. Groove Kings are simultaneously cutting edge and approachable; each track on this album could (and should) make it onto rotation throughout the United States and abroad.

Top Tracks: Temporary Man, Bury Me

Rating: 8.2/10

Groove Kings – Blood Red / 2009 Visual Music / 10 Tracks /

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