Laura Izibor – Sampler (From Let The Truth Be Told)

Laura Izibor starts out this Sampling of tracks from “Let The Truth Be Told” with “From My Heart To Yours”. What comes forth is a bit of Lauryn Hill and Angie Stone, tying together a late nineties sound with the soul of a Pink or Christina Aguilera. The inclusion of the tempo from The Temptations’ “Lean On Me” further moors the track to a rich musical tradition, ensuring that fans of all types will be able to find something to appreciate here.

The live version of “Mmm…” (captured from an Irish performance) continues to showcase the tremendous debt that Izibor has to blues and soul music, using little more than a piano and eir vocals to make an interesting track. The recording of the track may be a little muddled, but the brilliance and beauty of Izibor shines through as clear as day by the end of the tracks. “Don’t Stay” may just be the best track on the disc, as it showcases Izibor as someone that is well in tune with a contemporary sound, using eir powerful voice to forever tattoo eir name on the minds and hearts of anyone that has listened in.

The path that the track takes further makes the track into what most listeners will associate with Izibor’s name. The EP ends with “Yes (I’ll Be Your Baby)”, a song that ratchets up thequality of the instrumental arrangements. Where they were previously happy being in the background, “Yes (I’ll Be Your Baby” matches them perfectly with Izibor’s vocals. While this is just a small sampling of the different abilities that Izibor brings to the table, I have no doubt that “Let The Truth Ber Told” will continue some of the best trends here.

Top Track: Don’t Stay, From My Heart To Yours

Rating: 7.2/10

Laura Izibor – Sampler (From Let The Truth Be Told) / 2009 Atlantic / 4 Tracks / /

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  1. Get the full album No.1 RnB / Soul Album on iTunes USA last week, and top 30 in America first week.

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