Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Sony PSP)

It may have taken Capcom 15 months to properly modify and translate Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, but the wait that players have had since the title first came out in Japan was well worth it. This Sony PSP title begins by building off of the framework that Monster Hunter Freedom 2 laid down, by introducing countless new monsters, missions, and equipables. Other minor (but still important) changes to the gaming experience include greater capacities for holding different gear and items and increased ease in controlling and modifying one’s character.

The graphics have been tightened up as well, ensuring that players will be experiencing the bleeding edge of the PSP’s capabilities. For those individuals that have purchased Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the ability to transfer over one’s character is yet another selling point. Where most RPG titles do tend to limit players to a solo experience (unless they move into an MMORPG type of realm), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite allows up to four characters to create a unique experience. What also distinguishes Monster Hunter Freedom Unite from other RPG titles is the fact that a player’s gear determines the role that they will ultimately take in the game. This means that dependent on whether the weapon is melee or ranged, is two-handed or one, that the hunting process (and by extension, the entirety of the game) changes.

The title may be in the slimline case that all Sony PSP games come in, but Capcom has established that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of the most engrossing titles that have been released for this console, and further links it to some of the most memorable RPG titles to ever be released. In the next few years, I can see Capcom coming out with a massive upgrade to the Monster Hunter Freedom series and moving purely to renovations along that line. I would love to see some sort of connectivity between the PS3 and the PSP regarding these titles, and I believe the quality of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is enough to seriously bolster sales of the title on another system.

Rating: 8.7/10

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Sony PSP) / 2009 Capcom /

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