NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Thomas Hendley

The first song was a Christmas song. I was six and probably directly ripped off A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it was a start. After a music degree I had a detour into other careers, but with a few songwriting awards, a song on a label release, and a new CD -Road Tunes and Regrets, I’m finally getting the music first, the way it’s suppose to be.

Road Tunes and Regrets is my first solo collection. After writing songs for other people and playing in bands such as Matador Red I decided it was time to do a cd of my songs the way I hear them; so after a few years and a thousand re-writes it‘s finally here. Road Tunes and Regrets moves stylistically from country and americana to jazz influenced pop.. and whatever ‘The Holy Heist’ is. This CD is a showcase of songwriting, pure and simple. The joy and heartache that can sometimes only be expressed by the perfect combination of words and music and rum. So if you’re waking up naked on a beach next to a perfect stranger, concerned your preacher maybe moonlighting as a bank robber, or your own true love just left for no reason, this CD is for you. Road Tunes and Regrets: turn it up and head down the road.

October Comes Around to be released by Urban Angel Music, January 2009 on the Walk the Line compilation cd in the UK and Ireland.

Finalist, Portland (Oregon) Songwriting Contest
Honor Award, Great American Song Contest
Honorable Mention, Billboard Song Contest, International Song Contest

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