Introduces Greg Coleman

Keep Your Ears And Eyes On Baltimore Maryland!

Baltimore Born, Funk/Rock Guitarist/Composer: Greg Coleman, is determined to become the next major national act, from a city that rarely experiences such national success with it’s local artist.

One of Baltimore Maryland’s best kept musical secrets, Greg Coleman said that he wanted to keep it that way, until he had the support system in place, that would allow him to promote his projects into national prominence where he feels they belong. And now that he has this system in place, he is ready to release his new debut cd entitled: “Smooth Like You Like It!”.

This is Greg Coleman’s anthem to the smooth jazz genre, which he considers to be the greatest ear relief on radio for the adult contemporary music listener in 26 years.

The entire cd was written, produced, arranged, and performed in it’s entirety by this Native Baltimorean, with the exception of 1 Stevie Wonder Song, that is one of Greg Coleman’s favorites.

Finally! Greg Coleman states: “This press release is a heads up for all who are interested in quality adult contemporary music, which despite the changing trends, has been, and will always be, my passion”. “I do not, and will not, produce and distribute music to the listening public that I would not purchase and listen to myself”.

For further information, contact Greg Coleman at (888) 210-8337.

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