Introduces Lindsay Katt

Lindsay Katt’s ethereal voice and introspective nature have found a place in the music business!

She is a new name in the landscape that welcomes female singer-songwriters. Her style however, is entirely her own.

Self taught, in the mountains of Montana, she developed her own unique process, taking chances with her sound and lyrics. The resulting melodies are haunting, uplifting, poignant and quirky.
Filling Venues in NYC like “The Cutting Room” and “The Knitting Factory”
The quality of her music resounds in the endless support of her fans.
Lindsay is looking forward the her upcoming CD release party for her debut record “Picking Out Boxes” at “The Living Room” in NYC.

(Mastered by Legendary music engineer Greg Calbi)
She is so excited to be able to finally share the product of her hard work.

Fans can Purchase the CD at EPK:

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