Introduces Mark Elliott

Mark Elliott has been creating electronic dance music for over eight years. His primary influences date back to the early progressive house and trance music that emerged around the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. He prefers to create music by experimentation and free thought rather than trying to follow particular formula or make copies of music in today’s popular dance music styles.

Despite the ever-evolving popular sound and developing sub-genre niches in dance music today, Mark tends to focus on his own style and sound of thick, heavy beats and melodic, sometimes hypnotic synthesizer parts in traditional dance music structures and arrangements. While not totally averse to the new mellow, effects-laden sound and style of most contemporary electronic dance music, he prefers to produce music that tends to preserve the loud, up-front sound of the music that inspired him in the first place. The result is a unique type of dance music of certain familiarity, but with a style that remains genuine to his individual taste.

In 2008 he released four albums of music, Terra, Luna, Sol, and Stella, each containing ten tracks of some of the work he created over the previous eight years.. All of the music on the albums, despite necessary similarities, contain a wide spectrum of feel and energy to keep any dance music fan with an aural wanderlust entertained.

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