Over The Hill – Looking For A Spark (CD)

“Alcatraz” shows a band in Over The Hill that is extremely eclectic; this results in a track that has never been heard before; the act comes out from the gate establishing their own sound. While there is a down-home rock and roll sound present primarily, hints of punk, straight country, and even hard rock comes forth here. “Waltz” further changes things up, with Over The Hill using a very psychedelic backdrop to bring forth their own interpretation of the titular dance; the band even finds time to throw a little polka in the hopper.

The disc’s title track is perhaps the strongest on the title; there is a narrative quality that will keep listeners focused on the disc through countless listens. However, the track is not only built off the back of these vocals as each constituent instrument adds in to a stellar arrangement. “Dead Of Night” speeds things up, again bringing a slight punk influence to the track. What results is a bit of alt-folk, fans of the genre will be easily able to associate Over The Hill with acts like Lucero.

“Beyond Beyond” continues to show Over The Hill as a band that can innovate; there are hints of a more darkly emotive Nine Inch Nails and angular Franz Ferdinand placed at key points during this track.
Where many bands are apt to let things fall off with each subsequent track on their album, “Looking For A Spark” hits on all cylinders even through the disc’s final track, “Over There”. “Over There” is the longest track on the disc, but the track itself does not drag in the slightest. Rather, the added time that the band gives itself here allows for some of the album’s most intricate and deep arrangements and vocals. Where a number of the tracks here require that fans listen to fully understand what Over The Hill is trying to do here, every nuance and bit that the band has put into “Over There” may never be found. “Looking For A Spark” is a tour de force, and one that will be in my CD player for months to come.
Top Tracks: Alcatraz, Waltz
Rating: 8.4/10

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