Pepperdome – Let’s Try The Otherside (CD)

“Wake Up” is a bit of thrashy rock that will immediately call forth images of acts like M.O.D., but there seems to be a harmony present to this first track on “Let’s Try The Otherside” that acts from that genre simply were unable to commit to disc. The title track continues the side thrash-heavy side, but Pepperdome has a little bit of contemporary (Static-X, Powerman 5000) influence that comes to the fore during the track. Regardless, what John Tokarczyk does here is make a groove-laden disc that stands out head and shoulders above what other contemporary bands are creating.

“Security” will first remind listeners of early Black Sabbath before Pepperdome injects a bit of sludge metal into the mix (Fu Manchu, Kyuss). Rather than simply slipping into stoner metal, Pepperdome takes on the whole body of metal in the space of three minutes: the act even finds time to show their love of Green Jello. “Tigers In Boxes” stretches out over four minutes, taking advantage of a slower tempo to really show the ability of each distinct part of the band. It is during “Tigers In Boxes” that the bass takes the spotlight. The deliberate line that is weaved through this track may be of the same family as technical work like Jaco Pastorius, but there is something compelling with the line laid here that will have me (and anyone else lucky enough to purchase the CD) listening in for months to come.

Pepperdome ends “Let’s Try The Otherside” as strongly as they opened it: “Adventure” and “Leave Me Alone” blend the same type of rock present on the early registers of “Let’s Try The Otherside” while giving Pepperdome more in the way of tools that they can then use on subsequent recordings. Few rock bands really exciting me now, but I feel as if Pepperdome has lit a fire underneath me. The unconventional way that they come forth on “Let’s Try The Otherside” will likely be seen as revolutionary 10 or 15 years down the road. If you like any iteration of rock, be it hard rock, metal, or anything similar, search out Pepperdome’s “Let’s Try The Otherside”.

Top Tracks: Wake Up, (Let’s Try) the Otherside

Rating: 8.6/10

Pepperdome – Let’s Try The Otherside / 2009 Self / 11 Tracks /

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