Pro.mis.Q.ous – California White Table Wine.

If I were to pick a wine that anyone could enjoy, I would choose promisQous California white table wine. The wine is sweet and satisfying, yet crisp and refreshing. I have a good friend, who I like to have an occasional drink with, she had never had any white wine to speak of, and the only red wine she had ever had was dry and powerful, so needless to say I was dealing with a beginner.

When I told her that we had gotten some new wine and I wanted to see what she thought, she was very turned off. But I did coerce her to try the wine, and she was very surprised that the wine was light and fruity; she found the wine inoffensive and delicious. Myself I am a “wine snob”.

I’ve had wine ranging from 2 dollars at a local gas station, to fine French champagne and luxe German icewines. Myself I wasn’t honestly expecting what I got from this wine; it was tart and first but sweet at the end. A rollercoaster of green apples and a slight touch of maybe dandelion or honeysuckle. The flavor of this wine is just so simple but completely complex. This wine is best served ice cold, and in a chardonnay glass.

This allows the wine to breathe and make the aromatics really “pop”. This wine would best suit a light meal like salmon or possibly a spicy rice dish. Also, this wine is great for a party. Everyone can find something about this wine they like. If I were to give this wine a rating from 1 to 10, I’d say probably somewhere near the 8.5 area, for pleasant drinkability and great flavor. A party in a bottle for under 20 bucks. Sounds like a great idea to me!

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