Prototype (Xbox 360)

Prototype is one of those action games that draws its inspiration from groundbreaking titles like Grand Theft Auto in the sense that there are literally millions of things that the player could be doing besides actually completing the game’s storyline. The game starts off (and is set ) in New York City; people that pop in this title play as Alex Mercer, a weapon of mass destruction that works alongside more traditional authorities in order to bring a deadly virus above ground.

Players are able to attack in a number of ways; they can either use Mercer’s numerous shape-shifting abilities or pick up one of Prototype’s many weapons. Furthermore, the ability of Mercer to go forth and actually take over the control of a number of NPC (non-player characters) in the title will provide further methods for completing the game, as well as further providing players with a reason to keep the game in their consoles after they have completed the storyline.

Where many of the different abilities of Mercer can be used for destruction, some of the other biomass-using skills will make completion of the game’s objectives all the more easier. Where there have been more than a fair share of solid games created for the Xbox 360 this year, Prototype is one of the few that actually pushes the Xbox 360 to its graphic limits.

Furthermore, the voice work done in the game takes a step forward, giving further context and body to the title. Where in many titles, the voice work leaves a lot to desire, Prototype requires solid voice work of all involved to properly create a good atmosphere for the title. If you would like to have the most realistic interpretation of what being a superhero is, make it a point to pick this title up for the Xbox 360 (or the Playstation 3 or PC Box). Keep looking through the upcoming Activision titles; a sequel to this title would be one of the few games that I would actually consider purchasing.

Rating: 9.0/10

Prototype (Xbox 360) / 2009 Activision /

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