Rye Rye Introduces Upcoming Album “Go! Pop! Bang!”

Check out a brand new Rye Rye webisode where she talks about her upcoming album “Go! Pop! Bang!”

Rye Rye Introduces Go! Pop! Bang!

And in case you missed it…

“Hardcore Girls” live at WMC video:

“Wassup Wassup” live at WMC video:

“Get Up” live at SXSW video:

“Bang” live at SXSW video:

Check out Rye Rye’s first single “Bang” here:

And buy “Bang” on iTunes here:

Rye Rye Bio info:
Coming up from the hard-hitting Baltimore clubs, Rye Rye has a taste for beats like a pitbull for meat. By her early teens Rye Rye was dancing and rapping with an intensity that can make hip hop seem like mom’and’pop music by comparison. Producer/DJ Blaqstarr caught on and he took her in the studio for Rye Rye’s track “Shake It To The Ground,” which soon became her first Baltimore rap heard outside the city’s limits–blowing up around the US underground as well as in Europe and Japan, with more than 1,000,000 Youtube video views. M.I.A. got the red alert and soon Rye Rye was not only on the road with her but found herself the first artist signed to M.I.A.’s imprint N.E.E.T. Now we get “Bang,” Rye Rye’s speaker-thumping single produced by Blaqstarr and featuring M.I.A. – the first single off her upcoming summer release. In the east side of Baltimore all the kids in her high school know the rhyme slinger’s lyrics and boys rap them in the hallways. Don’t let them show you up get with it sex up Bang!


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