The Chuck Norris Experiment – S/T (CD)

“Senorita (Lookout)” is what I would imagine The Stooges sounding like if they actually started in 2000 instead of the early seventies. This is not the type of dirty rock that bands like Turbonegro play, but rather a mixture of punk and rock that gives equal time to both styles.”Little Demon” shows The Chuck Norris Experiment as a band that is tremendously in debt to KISS, especially “Deuce”-era KISS. This can be shown by the slightly gritty vocals of Chuck Ransom, with the iconic guitars of Chuck Lee Riot and Chuck Rooster. All of the songs on this self-titled disc are full of the same seventies brand of rock and just the right amount of punk sneer to make this acceptable to both segments of society. This is perhaps the most genuine rock expedition that a band takes its listeners on since Gluecifer and Hilljack all those years ago.

The band is so talent in fact that a track can be largely instrumental (as is the case with “Radioshadow”) and listeners’ interests are still high. In fact, this seven-plus minute song actually increases The Chuck Norris Experiment’s stock in the sense that the repetitions present on this track pound their rhythms deep in listeners’ hearts. “I’m The Law” sounds as if it was pulled straight from a Judas Priest record, as Chuck Ransom’s vocals take on a distinctly Rob Halford-like sound as the guitars narrow into shrill, focused beams of energy. “Go Heavy (On The Honey)” is a track where the lead guitar of Chuck Rooster is really allowed to crow; the entire track seems almost as a lead-in for the tremendous work that ey lays down on the track. In fact, each of the songs on this album should be seen as nothing less than the newest entrants into the rock/metal hall of fame; the simplistic sounds on this disc keep toes tapping and heads banging throughout the entirety of the thirty-minute plus album.

There is not a dud to be found on this album, while this disc should be the best indicator that the band is here to stay. In fact, this self-titled disc is one of the few that I can remember that accurately captures the live experience, as The Chuck Norris Experiment seems to rule every aspect of this album. Here’s to hoping that further releases of this band are done with the same power of this self-titled album, and that the spirit of rock never dies in this band.

Top Tracks: Dinosaur Fire, I’m The Law

Rating: 7.5/10

The Chuck Norris Experiment – S/T / 2006 Devil Doll / 10 Tracks / / / Reviewed 29 March 2006


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