Three Olives Cherry (70 Proof)

Three Olives has been one of the most elusive spirits for NeuFutur to track down and request; I know breaking the fourth wall is sort of verboten, but I find it interesting to see the inner workings of different industry (and by extension, I feel that our readers do as well). Thus, much as our contact with Victory Records was seen as a “victory”, our contact with Proximo Spirits provided much joy.

However, we fully understand that those that we hold in high esteem can disappoint, and we sat down at NeuFutur Headquarters fully expecting another wishy-washy sort of flavored vodka experience. Our spirits were dampened slightly by the spilling of the bottle in transit, but we soldiered on. When I finally opened the bottle; what came forth was a nose that actually approached that of a real cherry, instead of the faux-cherry flavor that most associate with cough syrups.

Taking the spirit by itself, we were able to get some sort of idea regarding Three Olives Cherry’s complexity. While at some point the spirit is only a cherry-flavored vodka, there are different interactions that imbibers can taste regarding the traditional vodka flavor and the realistic cherry taste. This means that, whether on the rocks or in straight shots, Three Olives Cherry works as a spirit. The flavor body of the spirit provides a similarly-interesting reimagining of some of the best known drinks and cocktails that have vodka as a key ingredient. For starters, placing Three Olives Cherry alongside Sprite or Sierra Mist will make a heavy-hitting soda drink that has a relatively light taste. Mixing a shot in with a Coke will make something that resembles a “real” Cherry Coke, while a Screwdriver using Three Olives Cherry is a drink that turns out great.

Gone are the days of vodkas that place in poor approximations of fruit taste alongside sub-standard alcohol. Three Olives Cherry is one of these great finds that hits on all cylinders, no matter how drinkers intend to use it. Go to your local liquor store and see if they have it in stock; if they don’t, have them special order it.

Rating: 9.0/10

Three Olives Cherry (70 Proof) / Vodka /

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