What They’re Saying About Zach Williams and The Reformation’s Electric Revival…….

“….don’t look for any traces of blip-hop, hoodie-approved indiecentricity or world-beat mashups here. Instead, you’re gonna get a dose of pure, unfiltered rawk like your bellbottoms-clad mama used to sing to ya as a tyke, from the iconic likes of the Allmans, Derek & the Dominoes and Humble Pie to such latterday practitioners as the Black Crowes, Gov’t Mule and the North Mississippi Allstars.”— Fred Mills, Blurt

“…the band utilizes the two lead-guitar (and Williams on acoustic) attack that allowed the South to rise again in the ’70s. But instead of chasing the boogie in dazzling solos, ZWR puts its trust in the uncommonly well-crafted songs and leaves it to the inviting blues-rock voice of Williams to put them across. — Wayne Robins, Billboard

“Thick with the blues and crying guitar licks, the amazing sound of Zach Williams and the Reformation’s newest release is an amazing piece of craftsmanship, complete with every little thing a record needs.”—Dino Lull, Metro Spirit

“As soon as you throw the disc into your CD player (though an 8-track might be more appropriate for these guys), it feels like you’ve been transported back to the mid-1970s, when lots of bands were serving up that wonderful blend of rock ’n roll, blues and soul, delivered with just a touch of Southern drawl.”—Jeffrey Sisk, Daily News, Pittsburgh

“If you love your southern blues then this is a disc that you need to seek out soonest. Bloody good stuff all around, not one duff track to be had.”—Andrew Ian Dodge, Marty’s Musical Meltdown

“The moment you pop the Electric Revival into your CD player you will immediately be transported back to the Mid-Seventies and when Southern Rock ruled the airwaves. Not only do Zach Williams And The Reformation pay homage to the masters of the genre, (Lynyrd Skynrd, Molly Hatchet and Joe Cocker), but they add their own brand of musicianship making this a refreshing collection of tunes and not just a rehash from the past.”—Bruce Moore, Pure Grain Audio

“….it is very rare these days that you find a true to the bone southern rock band that doesn’t fuse in a bit too much country influence from here or there, until now. Zach Williams and the Reformation prove with their debut album, “Electric Revival” that true to the bone southern rock does still exist”—Jeffrey Kurtis, Guest List Magazine

“After hearing this album, anyone who ever loved the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd will probably think they have died and gone to heaven.”—LMNOP.com

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