Alert the Press – We’re Gonna Have A Parade! (CD)

“One For Katie” is the first track on “We’re Gonna Have A Parade!”. Immediately, what comes forth is a band that is confident and technically skilled; the act’s overall sound here touches upon The Ataris, MxPx, and even NoFX. Pop-punk, rock, and even mid-nineties emo are all here, and “We’re Gonna Have A Parade!” has just started. With each subsequent track, Alert the Press adds something new to their toolbox.

This means that the disc’s second song, “X-Mas B-Side”, shows that the band can cut a straightforward track that is as genuine pop-punk as has been heard since the days of The Lillingtons. Where many may feel that the pop-punk genre is something that has largely went the way of the buffalo, I feel that Alert the Press has really jump-started this fun, poignant brand of punk with tracks like “Rest Assured”. Where there has been some animosity in the past between pop-punk and emo, “Rest Assured” shows a perfect marriage between the two styles. The vocals here are similar in style to a Taking Back Sunday, where the splashy drums and distorted vocals provide a proper canvas. “Gone” brings me back to the days of Brookside and TGL; strong guitars take the vocals on for dominances, as the impeccable timing of the band is kept by smart bass and drum lines.

Alert the Press keeps things fresh throughout all 11 tracks on “We’re Gonna Have A Parade!”; “All On You” is the penultimate track and is one of my favorite due to its rapidly-shifting tempo and emotional intensity. “Moments & Mistakes” represents the perfect ending for the album, tying together a dense ball of instrumental arrangements with a set of hopeful vocals. The band can go anywhere they’d like for a subsequent album, and listeners should pick it up without complaint due to the talent shown here. There is not a fault to be found on this album, but I can’t stop thinking that their live performances may represent a band that has even more energy than what is captured here. Buy this album, play the hell out of it, and get to see this band live whenever they play around you.

Top Tracks: Gone, Running Circles

Rating: 8.8/10 

Alert the Press – We’re Gonna Have A Parade! / 2009 Self / 11 Tracks /

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