Bonetown (PC)

The minute I heard about Bonetown I knew wanted to try it, this game allows you to use drugs and alcohol. It also lets you have sex with the girl of your dreams… when your balls get big enough. The game is fun and very addictive. At first I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the game, the interface is sort of confusing at first. After reading the directions a second time I got the hang of it. You start out as a crack head, which I thought was funny, because the game glorifies drug use but makes a crack head the lowest character rank.

The initial character is very hard to work with, so you have to go get “laid” a few times before you do any of the missions, or else it’s too hard. Gaining and keeping the drugs and money isn’t too much of a problem, the game allows you to keep these items when you die. After dying you start with full heath, but you must beat someone up to get clothes again. Keeping your “balls” in the game is the hardest part. If you die you’re back at zero, also you lose levels from fighting. So it’s not that easy to have sex at first, you have to pretty much scour the first town to find the one fat girl to have sex with.

The game is very graphic when it comes to the sex scenes, showing the characters from all angles and also showing your toon ejaculating on the woman’s breasts, mouth , or vagina. There is also a lot of racial stereotyping and lighthearted racism, so please be sure to keep this away from the children. All and all I give this game a 7 out of 10. It’s a worthwhile game; very original and entertaining, but a little pricey for the average “dating sim” market.

Bonetown (PC) / 2009 DWC Software /

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