Complete Control & Krum Bums – Death Can Wait (CD)

I like splits when there is enough material provided by the bands. However, most splits that I get for the magazine are those that have only two or three songs per band. “Death Can Wait” is another of those, but at least, the output by each of the bands (Complete Control and Krum Bums) is solid enough to paint a picture of the band, instead of being three distinct ways to view the band. Complete Control is a pretty famous band in punk circles right now, but for those that are not in the know, they blend together Virus Nine, Bad Religion, and Anti-Flag into something that is still very full of streetpunk cred.

“We Were Dead” is a furious track that still has enough time to go forth and throw in a wicked guitar solo. Having chorus that individuals can sing along with is something else that Complete Control make sure to include, and “We Were Dead” becomes one of the best ways to open up a CD. The most interesting thing about Complete Control is that the vocals blend together Dexter’s (The Offspring) with all of the seventies-looking, sludge rock bands on the market. To say that this is interesting is to understate the obvious; Complete Control is able to bring something that has been done before into a whole new light. Krum Bums are the act that are not quite as established as Complete Control, and they try their hardest to make their sound something individuals can enjoy. It becomes a little harder to get a feel for the band, but when individuals switch on “In Sickness We Prevail”, they are assault with a Leftover Crack type of vocals with an almost metal approach to the instrumental arrangements.

In “In Sickness We Prevail”, there are a number of interesting moves done by Krum Bums to establish their names to those who listen in. Most amazing of these has to be the extended instrumental interlude that bridges the two parts of the track. There is definitely a metal influence to the Krum Bums, even if the vocals are firmly rooted in the punk style. “Misery” closes off the Krum Bums’ side of the split, and again shows them as a punk act that actually gives a shit about therir instrumental backing. Both acts put forth their strongest foot on this split, and this will hopefully lead to two new full length albums by the bands in the next year or so.

Top Tracks: Leave Us Alone / Complete Control , Misery / Krum Bums

Rating: 7.3/10

Complete Control & Krum Bums – Death Can Wait / 2006 TKO / 6 Tracks / / / Reviewed 16 September 2006


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