Cool Devices – Self-Titled (CD)

Just seconds into Cool Device’s self-titled debut, through the blistering gnash of distorted chords, its clear front man/guitarist Jason Frederick has some demons to exercise. You can’t blame the guy; the whole reason he started Cool Devices was a reaction to news that his old Columbus, OH-based group The Means were getting back together without him. Now based in Chicago, Frederick’ new band Cool Devices manages to rip through seven post punk-fused, garage rockers with the intensity of rabid raccoons. The result, though a bit repetitive by the last couple of takes, is admirable in its intensity, both sonically and with Fredrick’s vocals. The album opener, “(This is Not a) White World” shows the band at its best, with sharp lyrics and a fantastic rhythm section backing up the rants. The record’s swan song, the aptly-titled five minute “Someone Stop Them,” is about one song too late.

Top track: “(This is Not a) White World”

Rating: 7 out of 10

Check out for a copy of this album.

Cool Devices – Self-titled/CD/2009/7 tracks/Power Recordings/

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