Coolymack featuring Vegas – Hennessey Single (CD)

Do it yourself rap. How could I not love it? While the production of the track isn’t the best, the track plays itself pretty much like I thought it was. The lines laid down by both Coolymack and Vegas are pretty mediocre, and the main thing that I found myself listening to was the extremely fresh backbeat behind it. Don’t get me wrong, this track could conceivably be on BET or rap radio, but it doesn’t have anything even close to a hook to it. Featuring pretty much the same subject matter as about 70% of popular rap music, Coolymack run alcohol and sex together to a track that really doesn’t put anything new forward to the genre.

The backing track to this disc is more of a benefit for someone like me, being an instrumental of the backing beat, which has been mentioned to be of the highest quality. This instrumental mix sounds to be created completely on-computer, and doesn’t have any sampling or anything from old country songs or what has become popular to use (Tupac, Kayne West). The beginning of “Hennessey”, Coolymack’s opening seems pretty weak, as if he was battling, but this feeling rapidly disappears as he gets more and more comfortable with the flow. Some of the lines seem pretty juvenile, even for a track dealing with drinking and screwing, but any weakness in that section is nullified by the extremely solid chorus.

Rating : 5.5/10

Coolymack featuring Vegas – Hennessey Single / 2 Tracks / 513-919-0737 / / Reviewed 15 November 2003

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